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A Toast to Luminous White Skin 



Build up your health by building up your skin. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with a trifecta of protective agents bundled into a delicious drink. Each Marino Blanc sachet combines the protective, restorative and healing powers of Red Orange Complex (ROC), VIQUA Active and Collative. Drink one glass of El Marino Blanc in the morning and one glass at night and restore your skin’s youthful, fair and firm appearance.


The Red Orange Complex (ROC) is extracted from the Sicilian Red Orange. This complex works to protect your skin from damaging UV rays by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase. Tyrosinase causes you skin to produce melanin, the chemical that darkens and discolors your skin. Joyfully bask in the sun without fear that you will darken and burn under the sun’s harmful rays when you drink El Marino Blanc.  


VIQUA Active is the pomegranate essence that prevents your skin from breaking down. VIQUA Active is formulated to target the proteins that keep you skin firm, elastin and collagen. When VIQUA Active delivered via our specially created ADS Nano Delivery System, the compound travels to these proteins and prevents them from breaking down, maintaining and restoring your skin’s youthful suppleness. Rejoice in your youthful, firm skin with El Marino Blanc.  


Collative is a special formula of hydrolyzed marine collagen and elastin, the two proteins that keep your skin firm and supple. This injunction of collagen and elastin peptides rejuvenates and protects your skin. Feel comfortable in the skin you’re in. Rejoice in your luminous, firm and supple skin by drinking El Marino Blanc twice daily.  



El Marino Blanc is specially formulated to repair and protect your skin from damaging UV rays. Protect your skin from the sun with El Marino Blanc. Drink this restorative beauty elixir twice a day and watch as your skin grows suppler, regains its fair color and stays healthy and pure. Enjoy the skin you’re in. Drink El Marino Blanc.  

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